Published: 20th May 2019

Birmingham City Council’s housebuilding arm has revealed plans to build more than 2,700 properties in the next decade. In a report that went before the council’s cabinet earlier this month, the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust said it aims to build 2,708 new homes by 2029 at an estimated cost of £346 million. According to the report, the new properties will include a mix of house building styles featuring both traditional construction methods that will build larger family-style homes as well as the first phase of modular homes which allows the council to unlock previously unused, smaller sites. The new properties will be constructed to lifetime homes standard, will benefit from highly efficient insulation, energy efficient boilers and heating systems and will feature Sustainable Drainage systems (SUDS) which will deal with any drainage issues and will promote bio diversity at each site. The report comes out as the trust celebrates its … (To read the full article, subscribe below)