Published: 24th Oct 2011

The Big Society has always been painted as an antidote to big government, but what about the economics? Damian Tissier argues it could equally be about the end of big business and our obsession with the market Jeremy Paxman once famously described it as ‘a concept as easy to bandy about and as hard to explain as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle or the doctrine of transubstantiation’. When the general public has been invited to give their views, 78% of voters confessed that they had no idea what it means. Even the government’s own supporters admit that the idea is confusing and lacks coherence. And yet, as a political proposition, the Big Society appears to be remarkably resilient. Since it was first launched by David Cameron in his speech to the Conservative Party conference on the 8 October 2009 – and its principles expanded upon in his Hugo Young Lecture a month … (To read the full article, subscribe below)