Published: 21st Feb 2011

When Big Society tsar Lord Wei said volunteering was incompatible with having a life it might have been thought the concept was sunk.  When Liverpool council withdrew from being a Big Society vanguard stating cuts to public services undermine local authorities’ ability to support volunteering, you might think the government would consign the idea to its ever-growing u-turn pile.  Instead it got relaunched with its very own bank. Project Merlin (if they don’t want us to take the piss why call it that?) was dropped at our feet half-chewed and bloody like the dead mouse your cat offers as an apology for being sick in your slippers, showing bankers, like your cat, are ungovernable, have no concept of contrition, and frankly don’t care what you think. Aside from all the deck chairs rearranged to look like banks will behave better in future, Merlin gave us the Big Society Bank.  Financed … (To read the full article, subscribe below)