Published: 16th Apr 2014

During the last six years we’ve seen quite clearly the impact of big finance on local communities. We’ve learnt what happens when the distance between people and finance gets so large that neither side understands the other any longer. When banks focus their attention on shareholder profits rather than the health of people and places. Payday lending has risen, small businesses are struggling to access finance, communities across the UK are stuck in a spiral of poverty and inertia. For all the talk of reform, little has changed in our banking system. So, rather than relying on big finance to get us out of this mess, why don’t we give small, local, community finance a go? Invest our money locally, build networks of neighbourhood finance, help local spend to circulate in communities rather than be sucked out by payday lenders, big banks and corporate monopolies. In most developed countries there … (To read the full article, subscribe below)