Published: 23rd Jan 2009

Down Pleasure’s stream, wi’ swelling sails,I’m tauld ye’re driving rarely:But some day ye may gnaw your nails,An’ curse your folly sairly As we approach the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birthday it would be interesting to contemplate what the bard would make of the current economic situation. Burns was highly critical of the hypocrisy and excesses of the wealthy and would surely be slightly bemused at the vast sums his fellow countryman is throwing at the banking sector. The Scottish Government is hoping to exploit the global popularity of Burns in order to bolster the flagging economy. The Homecoming Scotland initiative, which kicks off with the Bard’s birthday on 25th January, aims to attract people with Scots connections back from abroad during 2009. The initiative has received flak from opposition politicians who question its potential impact. But with limited financial powers to stem the economic tidal wave the Government must … (To read the full article, subscribe below)