Published: 7th Jan 2016

Collaborate launched a new report on place-based systems change at the end of last year. Behaving like a system? showcases our findings from a piece of action research carried out in Coventry. Funded by Lankelly Chase and following the critical Hard edges report, our practice-based work explored place-based systems change for those facing multiple and severe disadvantage particularly through Coventry’s programmes on homelessness and troubled families. A key finding from the work was that there aren’t barriers to systems change but there are ‘preconditions’ for it, and ‘behaviours’ that make it more likely to happen. The pre-conditions for systems change emerged as we worked with The Salvation Army, Coventry Winter Night Shelter and Coventry’s Troubled Families programme, exploring the ways in which people and organisations collaborated across the system. Using a combination of one to one interviews and workshops, we talked to senior managers from public, private and third sector … (To read the full article, subscribe below)