Published: 14th Feb 2019

The Affordable Housing Commission (AHC) is issuing a call for evidence around the current housing crisis. The commission, which is chaired by Lord Best, is calling upon organisations and individuals to submit evidence that will lead to policy changes that help renters and those who want to get on the housing ladder. AHC’s recent focus groups revealed first-time buyers and struggling renters think that the private rental sector is ‘broken’ and in need of radical change and many of those privately renting report they are currently paying 40% – 45% of their household income on rent. Focus group attendees also reported saving for a deposit is a major barrier for would-be homeowners as it can often take over five years to raise the money needed for a deposit, which they say means a level of sacrifice that is unsustainable. Earlier this week the Tenants Fee Bill was given Royal Assent. From June, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)