Published: 23rd Nov 2015

What we’ve learned from the Open Works prototype: The results from the Open Works project were inspiring. The project provided compelling evidence that a new participatory model, redesigned civic infrastructures and a ‘platform’ approach – when combined – could potentially have a huge impact on this local community when fully developed over a three-year period. 1. Size matters One important conclusion from the Open Works project was the importance of scale. It is widely recognised that one of the key strengths of new participatory models is their small scale. Typically, activities initiated in local settings and in small groups have a proven record of success. These highly personal, peer-to-peer experiences are increasingly shown to both build relationships and to generate mutual benefits. However we believed early on, and continue to believe, that scale matters. The research that led to the design of The Open Works initiative indicated that participatory projects … (To read the full article, subscribe below)