Published: 30th Jul 2020

Liz Zacharias, senior consultant at Campbell Tickell, discusses the clear asks we should be putting to the Government in relation to social care. It was interesting to find myself agreeing with Jeremy Hunt. His article in the Guardian on 13th July struck a chord, coming on the back of Sir Simon Stevens (CEO, NHS England) saying social care needs to be fixed within a year and another article by Ros Altmann suggesting nationalisation of care. That social care needs to be fixed and fixed fast is not news. What many people in the sector and elsewhere are grappling with, is whether to go for a ‘good enough’ fix to tide us over, or a once and for all resolution of the problem that has been in the ‘too difficult’ pile since the Dilnot Report in 2011. I believe that with the public, media, and politicians’ attention now on social care, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)