Published: 28th Jan 2016

Community-led housing groups, led by local volunteers, are springing-up all over the country and their presence is starting to get noticed. Ministers now talk excitedly about a DIY housing revolution, with custom-build leading the way. Campaigners meanwhile claim that alternative housing schemes (community land trusts, co-housing, co-ops and self-help groups) are not only built to higher standards than conventional homes and are more eco-friendly, but, most importantly, are designed to be affordable to local people. In addition, the focus is not only on providing a home but on local job creation and regeneration. At a time of doom and gloom in the housing world – with the government instigating the slow death of social housing and more and more people priced out of buying or renting – the news that innovative, low-cost community-led housing schemes are winning awards and attracting growing media interest must be welcome. ‘With the right backing … (To read the full article, subscribe below)