Published: 4th Dec 2014

Next year is the year when the cuts which we’ve been talking about since 2010 will really kick in. If you thought things were on the up, the economy was starting to grow again and we can all relax a little after the unpleasantness of the austerity measures of recent years, think again. We’ve only just started to see the impact of the cuts and with the economies of the Eurozone area (our biggest trading partner) and elsewhere stuttering, what’s ahead is far tougher than what we’ve been through to date. To give you an idea of how far we still have to go, it’s worth reminding ourselves that the budget deficit plans that George Osborne set out in 2010 have been missed by some £50,000,000,000. The prospects therefore continue to be even grimmer than they have been, with much of the burden of finding where spending can be cut … (To read the full article, subscribe below)