Published: 5th Oct 2017

Can Do Places solves the twin problems of town centres by helping local groups turn empty buildings into collaborative work spaces. Founder Iain Scott talked to New Start about putting passion and creativity at the heart of economic development. —————————————————- On 1950s solutions for 21st century problems Can Do Places started with a rant. The Scottish Government had published a review of town centres, which was very broad and good. One retailer responded to it by suggesting that the solution to the growing numbers of vacant shops in town centres lay in cheaper rates and easier parking. They were coming up with solutions from the 1950s at a time when people were using town centres in very different ways and had very different needs from them. On the rise of the self-employed and micro-businesses At a time when one in seven people are working for themselves and more than a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)