Book review: How to save our town centres: A radical agenda for the future of high streets By Julian Dobson, Policy Press, 2015 Review by Tony Baldwinson Empty shops. Charity shops. Betting shops. The death and decay of our high streets has been troubling us for at least seven years. Longer, if you live in areas like the coalfield villages in the Welsh valleys and others north of Watford. Julian Dobson has written a great book here on what has gone wrong and, more importantly, what can we now do to rejuvenate our town centres. This is long overdue, and vital to our quality of living. His experience and knowledge shine through in this clearly and carefully written book. For me, anyone can catch my attention when they acknowledge Jane Jacobs and her thinking on street design, and Julian doesn’t just quote her, he understands her. And though he is very measured … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Tony Baldwinson

Tony has worked for 15 years in local government, more at regional and national levels, in the voluntary sector and for a university. He writes on cities and EU funding. He was head of design and knowledge at the north west’s centre of excellence for regeneration.