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Libraries as ‘public living rooms’

Anyone who thinks libraries are going away simply because books are going digital are missing the true shifts taking place in the world of information.

It is more and more important to develop this community value in a world that is often one of isolation, solitary social media and Internet. We are about social and digital inclusion and making people feel at home in their public space.

Scottish forestry still in hands of an elite

What the European experience demonstrates is that small scale landownership can deliver large scale economic success through co-operation. It is possible to envisage a Scotland of small-scale forestry, of farm forestry, of small-scale rural businesses and of community forests. This is the reality in France and Finland but it is a million miles from the nihilistic corporatist model we have developed in Scotland where celebrities and wealthy individuals from the UK and abroad are given free rein to exploit the public funds provided to expand Scotland’s forests as a source of personal tax free aggrandisement.

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