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East Midlands is the UK economy’s bellwether

Things might indeed be looking up but governor Carney expressed an expectation of measured recovery. The transition from old manufacturing to advanced manufacturing, growth of the clean tech economy and our propensity to stay local and shop local to grow small SMEs and our desire to put business at the forefront of skills and reducing regulation should indeed mean that the east Midlands will be a real barometer of recovery and D2N2’s ambition - as reported in the Evening Standard recently - to be the UK's most inspirational postcode, may indeed be realised.

Who killed neighbourhood renewal in England?

Could you imagine a company spending billions of pounds developing a product, honing it over many years, then pulling it just when it starts to show serious results? That’s what happened to the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal in 2007 – and the LSE’s research underlines just how costly that mistake was in terms of financial cost and missed opportunities.

Let’s create a Bank of Liverpool

I am sure that some people will think that I am least slightly crackpot when I suggest that Liverpool could have its own bank. But we could and in my opinion we should. Liverpool alone as a council has £1.3bn washing through its accounts each year. We have at any one time in our own right or in our management £100,000,000 of medium and short-term investment. Just think what those figures would look like if we added in the turnover and short and medium term assets of the other five Merseyside councils.

Libraries as ‘public living rooms’

Anyone who thinks libraries are going away simply because books are going digital are missing the true shifts taking place in the world of information. It is more and more important to develop this community value in a world that is often one of isolation, solitary social media and Internet. We are about social and digital inclusion and making people feel at home in their public space.

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