Published: 9th May 2019

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Are you passionate about mobilising senior leaders across organisations and communities to drive change across the borough that has a transformational impact on people’s lives and the places they live in? Have you got significant experience in driving strategic change through complex organisational and political challenges?

Camden has a proud, rebellious spirit that throughout its history has seen communities come together to tackle problems, and bring about real social change. As a council, we’re proud to play our role in mobilising the energies of everyone that cares about the borough to help people live well together.

The Role

We are seeking an experienced individual to drive significant change to steer our Inclusive Economy vision, who can mobilise partners, citizens and the borough to make a demonstrable impact on levels of unemployment, in-work progression, reducing in-work poverty and the economic well-being of Camden residents.

The Head of Inclusive Economy will work with internal and external stakeholders – managing services across the borough including: Economic Development, Business Growth and Relationships, Apprenticeships and Employment Support and also work closely with key partners ranging from Local Developers and Businesses to London Councils and National Public Sector to influence reform and deliver the long term strategic and corporate approach to economic growth and development.

We want to ensure that our inclusive growth initiatives are based on strong data and evidence, embodying a whole system approach: which starts with finding out what matters to our customers – the residents, businesses and visitors of Camden and enables us to co-design services to meet those needs.

The post holder will ensure that Inclusive Economy becomes a whole Council endeavour; mobilise & excite senior leaders across the organisation and the borough to build and reinforce strong connections, establish new ways of working in how we deliver our services and support our communities.

You take ownership

If we are to successfully deliver transformational change then we need people who take responsibility for issues that might not fall under their formal area of responsibility. New ways of working can only be achieved if we are prepared to take calculated risks and challenge established ways of doing things.

Your skills: You create new opportunities and take bold and decisive action to capitalise on these, while creating an environment that encourages and supports others to take calculated risks.

You are politically astute

You’ll need to understand the organisational and political context to ensure we position Inclusive Economy effectively within this context. It will help us to spot and take up opportunities and to understand the complexities of delivering services through a variety of business models

You work collaboratively

If we are to make the best use of collective resources and ensure the best outcomes for citizens, we need people who can create an environment that enable others to work together effectively.

Your skills: You manage relationships for the long term – building trust, openly tackling conflict and finding win/win solutions. You set priorities and make choices based on the wider needs of the borough or the community and not just your own service area.

You drive improvement

If outcomes for citizens are to be delivered in line with our Camden 2025 / Inclusive Economy vision, then we need to people who can address issues & risks head on to drive tangible improvement.

Your skills: You constructively challenge peers, partners, members and senior leaders to deliver change and you’re prepared to take appropriate action to tackle under-performance

You constantly look for new ideas

We need to be continually inquisitive if we are going to drive innovation. We need people who are clued up with what’s happening in the borough, with citizens and the broader environment.

You shape the agenda, seeking out ideas & learning from the best organisations, not just from the sector. You’re at the forefront of thinking and influence policy makers

You have strong integrity

We need to build trust with citizens, colleagues and partners if we are to deliver our ambitions. We need people who can deliver what they promise and not be afraid to admit when mistakes are made.

Your skills: You’re not afraid to take a stand, acting on Camden’s values, challenging powerful individuals or groups to act on their stated values and go out on a limb to defend what your believe in.

You focus on citizens

We need to have a continual focus on the outcomes for the communities we serve. This means ensuring citizens and other stakeholders are engaged and listened to when making decisions about their services, and enabled to develop solutions for themselves.

Your skills: You embed a culture focused on citizens, ensuring that staff & partners keep the needs of residents at the forefront of everything they do, while role modelling this yourself

You’re committed to Camden

For us to deliver the ambitions of Camden 2025 / Inclusive Economy, there needs to be a shift in thinking from being professionals delivering a ‘job’ to genuinely working with the energy of our neighbourhoods in a more relational way.

Your skills: You put the organisation and borough’s needs before your own team’s needs and support decisions made that benefit the Borough, even if they are involve difficult choices to be made

Above all, we’re looking for people who are passionate and have shown they can mobilise people and deliver significant change that improves outcomes for people, whatever sector you come from.

About Camden

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Camden is proud to be the country’s first Timewise council and as part of this accreditation, we work to help parents balance work with childcare. This fits in with our aim to be leaders in innovative, flexible and part-time working that allows for different patterns of care and for parents to share childcare responsibilities.

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How to apply

To apply for this job please follow the “Apply” link. In the ‘Why you?’ section of the application form you will be expected to explain how you meet the key requirements for this role listed in this advert. When explaining how you meet each of the requirements, please give examples that clearly demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience. When writing your examples give a brief description of the situation or task but focus on the actions you took and the result of your actions.

Camden is committed to making our recruitment practices barrier-free and as inclusive as possible for everyone. This includes making adjustments or changes for people who have a disability or long-term health condition. If you would like us to do anything differently during the recruitment process, or provide any information in an alternative format, please contact us on 020 7974 6655, at[email protected], or post to 5 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG.

Closing dates for applications: Sunday 26th May 2019 23:59

Interviews to be held: TBC

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