Published: 6th May 2016
A young boy at the Fab Lab at Ashton Community Trust

6. Ireland’s first Fab Lab: Ashton Community Trust: Established 25 years ago in an area of north Belfast that was heavily affected by conflict, the trust now employs more than 120 people. In an area of high unemployment it runs services around childcare, therapeutic practices and young people and provides training and progressive career routes. In 2012 it set up the first Fab Lab in Ireland, a small scale workshop that introduces children and young people to digital fabrication technologies such as laser cutters and 3D printers:

7. Taking community ownership of natural resources: Lough Neagh: Owned by the earl of Shaftesbury, Lough Neagh is the largest lake in the UK and supplies 40% of Northern Ireland’s water. The Development Trusts Association NI held a conference in April to consider community ownership of the lake. With five local authority areas bordering its shores the potential for the lake to become a site of social, economic and environmental development is huge:

The cultural centre at the heart of the Irish language speaking quarter in west Belfast

8. Creating an Irish Language Quarter: Gaeltacht Quarter: An Irish language quarter is at the heart of the regeneration of the Falls Road area of west Belfast. An arts and cultural centre in a former Presbyterian church celebrates Irish language and culture:

9. Building a linear park connecting the green spaces of east Belfast: Connswater Community Greenway: A £40m investment in east Belfast, the Connswater Community Greenway will create a 9km linear park through the area, following the course of three rivers and connecting the open and green spaces. The Connswater river, currently dirty and neglected, will be cleaned and brought back to life and the Greenway will create vibrant, attractive, safe and accessible parkland for leisure, recreation and community events and activities:

10. Providing shared space for community transformation: Skainos: Skainos Square provides office space and conference facilities. It brings under one roof the various work of the East Belfast Mission as well as providing a home for a range of organisations and services committed to community development and peace building in one of the most deprived parts of east Belfast: