Published: 26th Sep 2016

1. System changing

Funding streams and voluntary sector organisations are often focused on patching up problems rather than changing the systems that create problems in the first place. Our cities currently face a multitude of issues that require structural change. Not least among these are climate change and the shift to a low carbon future. Cities need to think – and fund – differently in order to make the changes required to ensure that our food and energy systems are less dependent on fossil fuels, and our infrastructure is resilient enough to withstand changes in our climate. In Greater Manchester, the Kindling Trust is working on all sides of food supplies to try to establish and embed local food systems and supplies, from finding land and supporting people to grow it to working with schools and hospitals to supply it. As our public services creak under the pressure of austerity and demographic change, many organisations are coming together to co-produce services that are more empathic and which ultimately will save costs. Inspiring Change Manchester brings together local partners from the probation, substance dependency, housing and training sectors to create services that wrap around people with complex needs.

Who’s doing it:

Kindling Trust | Inspiring Change Manchester

What it needs:

Joined up funding and support from a range of local partners

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