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Tomorrow’s homes today

Over the last almost 60 years the way people live has changed, the technology we have in our homes was inconceivable in the post war years, the size and structure of households has evolved and people live longer with many more active years after retirement. The way that homes are designed perhaps has not kept up with these changes: there is a mismatch between what is available and what people aspire to.


Housing – a multidimensional crisis

It is easy to think about the housing crisis as if it were a single and relatively crude problem of just too few homes. In many ways this is readily understandable and easy to communicate, to paraphrase Bob Geldof, ‘just build the #[email protected]*% homes!’ And at one level, this is true. However, the reality is much more complex and messier, making it easy for policy makers to focus on one dimension and offer a single solution.

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