Author: Tony Hawkhead

Tony Hawkhead, Author at NewStart

Green Deal needs to be fronted by people we trust

It’ll be up to us to get it sorted, home by home, business by business. It’ll be up to those in rented accommodation to bring their landlords to account in order to ensure their properties are improved. It’ll be up to homeowners to take the initiative. But if this is to be market-led then everyone should have equal access to that market. So who’s going to do the persuading?

There’s a great opportunity to boost the green economy – we can’t bottle it

For those sitting on the outside looking in, a green economy may appear volatile, certainly not mainstream... no doubt some commentators would dismiss it altogether. In doing so they miss one very important point: marry social enterprise with innovation and you’ve got the ‘power couple’ of the green economy – and I, for one, confer my blessing on this union.

We need to retune the economy to tackle youth unemployment

It’s not about keeping existing workers in work or generating more ‘old’ jobs – it’s not even about reskilling existing workers. Instead we need a catalyst which will enable us to provide new, green, valuable skills to people who are not working, so they don’t just get into work, they get into an area of skills that has a potentially booming future.

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