Author: Robert Ashton

Robert Ashton, Author at NewStart

Robert Ashton

Do you employ unreasonable people?

Our government faces a 'perfect storm' as demand for services grows and available funding diminishes. I hope it soon recognises that to deal with these crises by adding regulation is unlikely to spark the innovations we need to see if we are to avoid potentially apocalyptic consequences.
Robert Ashton

What are the qualities of ‘tomorrow’s people’?

Rogers also spells out what he saw as the ideal qualities of what he called 'tomorrow's people'. These resonate strongly with me and include what I now know to be qualities that define many successful social entrepreneurs. They include openness, a desire for authenticity, a care for others and a healthy distrust of external authority when it contradicts ones own moral judgement.
Robert Ashton

Do you have a dream?

You might find this controversial, but Jeremy Corbyn’s recent election victory reminds me of Martin Luther King. Both had a clear vision of the change they want to see. Both were prepared to fight injustice and of course both became deeply unpopular with the establishment who said the policies they were promoting were dangerous. And in the case of Luther King, time proved those concerns to be largely unfounded.

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