Author: Fernando Centeno

Fernando Centeno, Author at NewStart


The good old days in equity planning

Cleveland planners publicly challenged favourite urban nostrums. They not only survived, they prospered. Ultimately, their efforts impacted the teaching of planning to some degree; many continued their professional careers in this arena. Equity planning remains an alternative model of agency operations, for those interested in breakthrough approaches.

Economic policy orthodontics

Simply put, economic development is not practiced in the U.S. What is practiced can honestly be described as Chamber of Commerce commercial development, which accommodates business interests for the sake of 'growth' and 'development', to the joy of public and civic officials, at great public expense in the form of abatements, exemptions, subsidies, and write-offs.

A tale of two cities

I am not optimistic about the odds, as I see that economic public policy is stuck in the paradigm of the last, industrial-based century, and being led by people who are comfortable with a narrow understanding of the power and potential of what economic development can be - multi-faceted, interdisciplinary, and integrated - for greater results than we currently see.

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