Published: 7th Oct 2019

By 2050, emissions in cities could be slashed by 90% if policymakers and businesses adopt more low carbon measures and seize the opportunities presented by climate change. This was the conclusion of a coalition of universities and organisations who have published a new report called Climate Emergency, Urban Opportunity, aimed at supporting national governments’ efforts to unlock the economic and social benefits of inclusive, sustainable cities. The report argues that implementing low carbon measures in cities would be worth almost US$24tn by 2050 and would reduce emissions from cities by 90% using currently available technologies and practices whilst also delivering a significant economic return. It says many of these low carbon measures would pay for themselves in less than five years, including more efficient lighting, electric vehicles, improved freight logistics and solid waste management. The measures would cost $1.8 trillion (approximately 2% of global GDP) per year, which would generate annual returns … (To read the full article, subscribe below)