Published: 16th Mar 2017

What would life in Britain be like if we actually made the changes needed to avoid dangerous climate change? Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology explores. Firstly, we now know we have the technologies and tools to do what is needed. This year marks ten years since the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) launched the very first Zero Carbon Britain scenario in Westminster. Thankfully, over this time there has been increasing acceptance that a zero carbon future is both necessary and achievable, not least by the UN Paris Agreement. An ever-increasing range of studies, plans and practical projects from across the globe clearly demonstrates that we already have the physical tools needed. So what’s slowing us down? Rather than an unresolved technical challenge, it is now increasingly accepted that we face a mix of political, cultural and policy barriers. Tackling such a complex global challenge requires new kinds … (To read the full article, subscribe below)