Published: 8th Oct 2019

Wiltshire is the most ‘climate-friendly’ council in England and Wales, according to Friends of the Earth. The charity judged councils in different categories including renewable energy, public transport, lift-sharing, energy efficiency at home, waste recycling, and tree cover to find an overall winner. Spelthorne, Ribble Valley and Pendle were joint bottom. Wiltshire Council was one of the first authorities to declare a ‘climate emergency’ in February and have also pledged to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. The new research also enables people to look up how climate-friendly their local authority is, how their area compares to similar places, and find out what climate action is most needed in their area. Several local authorities across the country have now declared climate emergencies and announced local carbon reduction targets. Greater Manchester and London have committed to net zero emissions targets by 2038, while Bristol and Leeds are aiming for 2030 and Nottingham … (To read the full article, subscribe below)