Published: 14th Dec 2011

The Portas Review has helped give a focus to our high streets in the public eye. The review contains some good suggestions that would make a real impact, while Portas doesn’t shy away from confronting the government’s position, as when advocating a more explicit town centre first policy to be included in the National Planning Policy Framework. More broadly, as Julian Dobson pointed out yesterday, the report recognises the social value of high streets as meeting points and arenas for community activity, as well as their economic function. But what makes a high street a successful place? One of Living Streets’ core principles is that streets are places as well as corridors for movement. That’s why, for example, our City of 20 campaign in London is calling for 20mph to be the default choice not only on residential streets, but also on major routes where we live, work and shop. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)