Published: 31st May 2011

Broad-based regeneration schemes are now over, but for how long? Clare Goff discovers some believe the consequences will be too severe not to bring them back April 2011 saw the end of the broad-based approach that has dominated the last 25 years of UK regeneration when funding for the last large-scale publicly-funded scheme – housing market renewal (HMR) – was pulled. Most agencies involved in the programme have now closed their doors, in some cases handing work over to local authorities or housing agencies. For communities involved in the 15-year programme the end of funding half way through leaves them facing an uncertain future. Shortly after the official end of funding the government found £30m to plug the gaps in the most needy areas affected by the closure of the programmes, but for most it was too little too late. Adnan Saif, former chief executive of Urban Living, the HMR … (To read the full article, subscribe below)