Published: 8th Feb 2019

Helen Jones, chief executive of Gypsy and Traveller charity Leeds Gate, responds to the Home Secretary’s plans to give police ‘tough new powers’ to crack down on unauthorised traveller sites. No surprises in the Government’s traditional electioneering dog whistle approach to dealing with unauthorised encampments, just more of the same lazy, populist nonsense that got us to where we are. Its proposals will not improve quality of life or increase community cohesion and certainly will not reduce resources being wasted on this issue. The response is not surprising but even so, we are shocked by the extent to which it ignores serious consultation responses, such as that from the National Police Chiefs Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, which do not concur with the need for greater and more punitive police powers. The Government has relied on there being a ‘majority’ of responses, no matter how slender, that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)