Published: 23rd Mar 2009

While the British Urban Regeneration Association’s (Bura) community inspired regeneration awards ceremony at the House of Lords was all about motivating people and showing how change is possible, a recurring theme in the day was how difficult it has become to transform our poorest neighbourhoods. Lord Andrew Mawson, co-founder and president of Community Action Network, a national charity supporting 850 social entrepreneurs across the UK, said we have all contributed to creating an environment in which it’s getting harder to build community facilities and generally ‘get things done’. Community groups often accomplish far less than what they’d initially set out to achieve, he added. Fellow speaker Dan Sequerra, chair of the panel for the awards, said he had met very few winners over the years who hadn’t had considerable battles with local authorities and government departments in achieving their goals. One of the runners-up for the category involving projects with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)