Published: 15th Dec 2011

Cameron has committed to spending £450m on plans to tackle the ‘responsibility deficit’ in chaotic families, which he blames for the summer’s riots. The programme includes funding for an army of intervention workers with the aim of assigning one worker to replace the multiplicity of agencies currently involved with problem families. Sounds like a very good idea, but reading the Public Administration Select Committee report on the Big Society I’m very pessimistic about the potential for cross-cutting work to be achieved under this, or any other government. Eighteen months into the implementation of the Big Society ‘project’ the report concludes that, ‘We have received little evidence to suggest that there is a coherent Big Society policy agenda which is understood by Whitehall’. I put the word project into inverted commas because, although it’s consistently referred to as such, it’s not a project: it has no specific outcomes, no timetable for … (To read the full article, subscribe below)