With the industrial strategy white paper due to launch this month, Nigel Wilcock says that action is needed to stop ‘initiative fatigue’ setting in. Anyone would have thought that the government has something else on its mind – what could be more important than the new industrial strategy? Certainly, back in January this appeared to be a priority area – Theresa May used her first regional cabinet meeting to launch proposals for a modern industrial strategy which would ‘build on Britain’s strengths and tackle its underlying weaknesses to secure a future as a competitive, global nation’. This green paper closed for consultation at the end of April. The Institute of Economic Development consulted widely on this paper and set forward a comprehensive response. May’s speech at this week’s CBI conference, in which she pledged that the government’s industrial strategy white paper will offer a new approach that can deliver ‘economic … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Nigel Wilcock

Nigel Wilcock is executive director of the Institute of Economic Development (IED)