Published: 10th Oct 2012

Urban policy reports used to be so frequent it was hard to keep up, but nowadays they are rare occurrences. It was therefore very refreshing to be able to read the recent report by the Work Foundation: People or Place: urban policy in the age of austerity. This is required reading, and stimulated wider debate and thinking about future directions for urban policy. I found Tim Williams’ response particularly thought-provoking. My colleague, John Hitchin has also responded. What I am left with from all of this is a feeling that more clear thinking is needed about the purpose and scope of ‘urban policy’, and how it operates at different spatial scales. As the title of the report suggests this is presented in terms of the longstanding debate about whether policy is overly focused on people or places. The people side of this debate has been gaining the upper hand recently … (To read the full article, subscribe below)