Published: 27th Mar 2009

Having just become the first person in the world to complete the Renewal Quotient Quiz I feel duty bound to urge everyone else to have a go. It’s an online questionnaire designed to calculate your town or city’s capacity for renewal, or RQ (renewal quotient). It’s all pretty painless. Is there a coherent overriding strategy guiding the future of your town? Do the powers that be prefer to recycle and reuse what they’ve got or are they just itching to get the bulldozers in or find another scrap of green space to concrete over? That sort of thing. When I did it, Sheffield came out with a score of 225 out of 1,000. Hardly the marks of a city destined for membership of Mensa, or whatever the RQ equivalent would be. Given Mensa is Latin for something or other, how about Resurrectio? Actually, 225 is an average score according to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)