Published: 1st May 2019

The ongoing lack of clarity on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund consultation is causing serious concern to regeneration practitioners. Nigel Wilcock, executive director of the Institute of Economic Development, looks at how it should work in practice. The silence on the Shared Prosperity Fund, which is proposed to replace European Union structural funding worth about €2.4bn per year, is deafening. Whilst it is understandable that Brexit has delayed the consultation on the Fund that was promised by the end of last year, what is inexcusable is the lack of communication. Frankly, those of us who use EU funding to boost several aspects of economic development, including support for businesses, employment and agriculture, are really worried about the future. There is a dearth of information, and a lack of clarity on funding for English local authorities post-2020 when their block grant will have been all but removed, and the result is … (To read the full article, subscribe below)