Published: 26th May 2016

Raised in East Anglia, working on farms and attending agricultural college, it was inevitable I would grow up liking beer. You see the dry, sandy soils and proximity to the sea make East Anglia the perfect place to grow top quality malting barley. It’s no surprise then that Adnams has been brewing beer on the Suffolk coast for centuries. Beer belongs here. But the same can’t be always said about chocolate, as I learned when I met Ghanaian project manager turned chocolate maker Ruth Amoah recently. I’d been invited to speak at the recent GUBA awards event at Greenwich, which showcased Ghanaian UK enterprise. Surprisingly, there’s a thriving diaspora in London, bringing some of the colour of west Africa to grey Britain. Ruth had come over to meet potential trade buyers and told me her story. Chocolate was for her currently a cottage industry, using her garage as a factory … (To read the full article, subscribe below)