Published: 22nd Jun 2018

The chief executive of Market Financial Solutions, Paresh Raja (pictured) writes for New Start on what Brexit has meant for the UK’s property market, two years since the referendum… ———————————————————— Saturday 23 June 2018 will mark two years since the UK’s historic EU referendum, in which a narrow majority of the population voted in favour of Brexit. The event – one of the most profound political and economic moments of the country’s modern history – set in motion a wave of other significant incidents. In the year that followed the vote, the UK saw a new Prime Minister move into 10 Downing Street, interest rates fall to historic lows, a snap election end in a surprise hung parliament and Brexit negotiations officially commence with the triggering of Article 50. As the second anniversary of the Brexit result approaches, now is an opportune moment to assess what has happened in the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)