Published: 28th Jan 2020

The Welsh Government has announced a £90m programme to transform town centres around the country. The Transforming Towns package includes £36m for town centre regeneration projects and £13.6m to tackle empty and dilapidated buildings and land. The administration has also unveiled a new ‘Town Centre First’ approach, which means locating public services and buildings in town centres wherever possible. According to the Welsh deputy local government minister, Hannah Blythyn, the funding signals that ‘this Government is serious about transforming towns right across Wales’. The package also includes £2m for coastal towns to support projects to an anticipated value of £3m, which will contribute to town centre regeneration. The Welsh Government will also make £10m of additional funding available for the Town Centre Loans scheme, taking the total to £41.6m, to bring vacant and underutilised buildings back into use. And £5m funding will also be provided for green infrastructure and biodiversity within … (To read the full article, subscribe below)