Published: 21st Mar 2011

With the Office for National Statistics currently conducting a nationwide debate on the nation’s health and happiness, the focus on wellbeing has never been more prominent. But many people might not realise the huge investment of lottery money in this area to date. In 2007, we launched our Well-being funding programme, which over a five-year period is ploughing £160m into projects the length and breadth of the country aimed at improving people’s mental health, increasing their levels of physical activity and encouraging them to eat more healthily. Projects range from befriending schemes to exercise classes, gardening, cycling and cooking classes – a host of things for local people of all ages. But the programme doesn’t just do things to people – it helps motivate them to get active themselves, building their confidence about life and others around them. This explosion of positive activity is great, but what is working best … (To read the full article, subscribe below)