Published: 9th Dec 2013

Fed up with the way your neighbourhood looks, or think that your area needs better public facilities? Crowdfunding could bring together people who share your aspirations and bring your plans to life by turning feelings, or frustration, into funding. The crowdfunding concept has already become an increasingly popular way of funding such things as businesses, projects and inventions. Put simply, it allows people, businesses and public bodies to pledge money to fund projects that in many cases would otherwise struggle to secure the necessary funding. London-based is the world’s first crowdfunding website for civic projects and is based on the model pioneered by Kickstarter in the US. Anyone with a project idea can post it on the website and, when the pledges and other sources of finance hit the funding target, cash is released for the project.  If not, nobody gets charged. Spacehive is at the forefront of crowdfunding … (To read the full article, subscribe below)