Published: 9th Jul 2009

The Rural Shops Alliance, National Housing Federation and British Beer and Pub Association estimate 1,000 country pubs and village shops could close during the coming year due to the shortage of affordable homes in rural areas. It’s clear many villages are becoming the equivalent of ghost towns and their communities need to act urgently to stem the tide. Intervention by these three organisations, who warn that around 33 village shops and 54 country pubs could go out of business each month, is welcome. They also highlight that around 1,200 shops have already closed in rural areas during the last two years while more than 600 country pubs have shut during the last 12 months alone, and this dramatic trend shows no sign of declining. The impact gentrification and commuting are having is clear to anyone driving round many of the UK’s rural areas. For much of the time, you’ll see … (To read the full article, subscribe below)