Published: 25th Sep 2014

An aerial vision of how Oxford might grow according to Urbed’s Garden City vision Winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize for their vision of a 21st century garden city, Urbed’s Nicholas Falk talks through his winning entry and urges new garden cities to capture the ‘common wealth’ for local good A conference in Letchworth Garden City, like the event on Common Good Placemaking held in early September,  inevitably creates a positive feeling that through common or shared efforts anything is possible. Yet the reality of Letchworth, and subsequent failed attempts, is that good intentions are not enough to create a utopia in a market driven world. Ebenezer Howard’s great inventions were not leafy lanes; indeed the very name garden city was derived from his experience in Chicago, and not used for the first edition of his thought-changing book Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Urban Reform. Howard … (To read the full article, subscribe below)