Published: 4th Aug 2011

As the US political season heats up and employment numbers are still low, politicians have offered few new ideas for creating jobs. Towards the beginning of the ‘great recession’ we did a newsletter on Placemaking as a job creation strategy, but, until recently, we had not heard a politician answer the jobs question with placemaking as the answer. Then the Spokesman-Review asked Spokane council member Richard Rush: Many candidates are focused this campaign season on job creation. Should the city actively try to create jobs? If so, what should it do? He answered: ‘If job creation can be spurred by municipal government, that phenomenon will be driven by the ability of the city to build public spaces where people want to live, work, shop and invest. This exercise is called “placemaking.” Previous generations created public spaces with parks, buildings, schools and streets that made for a high quality of life and incented economic development. The city should … (To read the full article, subscribe below)