Published: 31st Jul 2017

Andrew Maliphant has worked in regeneration for almost 30 years. His new book is full of practical advice for local development that starts with people and places. There have been a number of academic textbooks about urban regeneration, many focusing on government policy, and some collections of articles around best practice, but no practical handbook that says ‘this is what you do’. My plan has been to provide such a guide written in readable English, with cartoons specially drawn by Kipper Williams and illustrative case studies to add value to the text, and I hope I have in some measure succeeded. There is still a debate between people who come to regeneration with very differing perspectives and agendas, which I guess is healthy. My own definition of regeneration, rural as well as urban, is that it is change for the better – change that helps an area and its inhabitants … (To read the full article, subscribe below)