Published: 23rd May 2019

The UN’s expert on human rights has published a damning report on the austerity policies of the British government, which he claims have left 14 million people living in poverty. The report by special rapporteur Philip Alston follows a visit to the UK back in November, when he claimed government policies and benefit cuts have inflicted ‘unnecessary misery’ in the UK. In his final report, Mr Alston said the results of the ‘austerity experiment’ are ‘crystal clear’ with 14 million people living in poverty, record levels of hunger and homelessness and ever fewer community services. ‘It is hard to imagine a recipe better designed to exacerbate inequality and poverty and to undermine the life prospects of many millions,’ he said. ‘But in response to this social calamity, the government has doubled down on its policies. ‘The endlessly repeated response that there are more people in employment than ever before overlooks … (To read the full article, subscribe below)