Published: 7th Dec 2018

Building houses with plastic bottles, developing innovative ways to save on household energy bills and leading research into the digitisation of the construction industry are among the 100 most significant breakthroughs to come from UK universities. The UK’s Best Breakthroughs List, compiled by Universities UK, has been launched to celebrate the inventions, discoveries and social initiatives from UK universities which have had a transformational impact on people’s everyday lives. Universities across the country were invited to nominate the one innovation, discovery or social initiative from their institution which they believe has had a significant impact on society. Over 100 universities submitted a nomination, with several focusing on housing and construction. Building houses with plastic bottles Students at De Montfort University are using sand-filled plastic bottles as bricks to build new homes in poorer parts of Nigeria. The ‘bottle brick’ technology provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional building bricks. The sand-filled bottles … (To read the full article, subscribe below)