Published: 14th Nov 2018

The UK should invest in ‘innovation districts’ to boost productivity, according to a report by the UK Innovation Districts Group (IDG) and consulting and engineering firm, Arup. Innovation districts are urban areas with networks of knowledge producing organisations such as universities, research bodies, teaching hospitals, cultural institutions and knowledge-intensive businesses. They bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, creatives, knowledge workers and investors to collaborate, compare and compete, creating the conditions for business growth. The IDG was established in October 2017 and represents six major innovation districts across the UK, in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Emma Frost, chair of the UK Innovation Districts Group, said: ‘Innovation Districts are reshaping and rejuvenating major urban areas around the UK. ‘This inaugural report highlights the real potential that innovation districts have to increase productivity and ensure local economies across the UK are more economically inclusive and prosperous,’ she added. In the report, the IDG urge … (To read the full article, subscribe below)