Published: 3rd Mar 2020

The UK is the most unequal large country in the developed world, according to a report published by The UK2070 Commission inquiry. According to the report, the economic gap between different parts of the country has widened to the point where London’s growth since 2010 is nine times higher than the area covered by Northern Powerhouse. The authors of the report have called on the government to stand alongside businesses and community organisations to make pledges to tackle inequality. In order to do this, the researchers have said that the government must triple the shared prosperity fund to £15bn per year and they must also transform connections between cities, within cities and beyond towns and cities. The researchers are also calling on a ‘network of excellence’ in regional research development to match London, Oxford and Cambridge, and a shift of power and funding away from Westminster and Whitehall in a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)