Published: 17th Jan 2020

Over two million households (4.8 million people) are living without essential household appliances such as fridges, freezers, cookers and washing machines, according to a new report. The charity Turn2Us has launched its #LivingWithout campaign report, which outlines the scale of appliance poverty across the UK. It also highlights the dire financial, physical and emotional consequences experienced by people living without these basic essentials; especially families and individuals affected by more complex physical and mental needs. The analysis highlights the true scale of appliance poverty in the UK, with at least: 1.9 million people living without a cooker (1 in 20 earning under £35,000 a year) 2.8 million people living without a freezer (1 in 10) 900,000 people living without a fridge (1 in 30) 1.9 million people living without a washing machine (1 in 20). Turn2us says that changes to welfare policy since 2010 have contributed ‘significantly’ to the increase … (To read the full article, subscribe below)