Published: 17th Dec 2010

Entrepreneur Paul Barry-Walsh firmly believes it’s time government took a back seat and left it to charities like his own to support the disadvantaged. Clare Goff meets him Paul Barry-Walsh, founder of the Fredericks Foundation, outside the charity’s headquarters in Surrey He’s a businessman who hates big business, a philanthropist who dislikes the term philanthropy and a multimillionaire who now devotes his time to helping the most disadvantaged become self-employed. Paul Barry-Walsh is founder and chair of Fredericks Foundation, a charity offering microloans to help disadvantaged people start their own businesses. Launched in 2001, Fredericks now covers communities from Margate to Minehead. With an average loan size of less than £5,000 it has helped hundreds of people move from unemployment to employment. And it has done it at a fraction of the cost that government spends, says Mr Barry-Walsh, who is fiercely opposed to ‘big’ government. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)