Published: 13th Nov 2020

A new toolkit has been launched to help ‘anyone seeking to raise rural relevance in the economic agenda’.  The Rural Economy Toolkit has been developed by the Institute of Economic Development (IED) and the Rural Services Network (RSN). The IED and RSN collectively believe that rural economies present great opportunities for the UK and have been somewhat overlooked in recent economic policy. In order to address this, the toolkit some of the ‘mega trends’ which will create change in rural economies but links these to opportunities. It also provides a number of case studies of different rural economy initiatives as well as some examples of successful rural businesses. ‘Current economic strategies in the UK tend towards an urban narrative with the important rural agenda overlooked – despite the importance of resources, activities and people in these areas to the future economic strength of the country,’ said IED chair Bev Hurley … (To read the full article, subscribe below)